No time.


No time for arguing. No time for doing it alone, - these walls are killing me. No time for low-carb-diet hapiness. Give me euphoria and sugar rush or get the fuck of me. No time for doubt. No time for problems. We should be busy breaking and solving. No time for your hidden agenda. No time to…

Well said, Jorg.. <33 

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oh hayyy


Star-Crossed 1.01 Pilot: Spoiler Free Graphic Review

Favourite Things [3 of ?]

  • Roman ~ All these years my Dad has taught me about this vaunted thing called humanity. Something that, by definition, we could never possess. But after spending just a few days amongst your kind, this concept of humanity it doesn’t seem so clear to me.

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oh, i do love this episode! :’)

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oh wow, this is amazing!

absolutly cannot wait for this to premiere! 




"AbMan cometh".

i don’t think i need to say anyyyything here! ;]<33

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2 of the planets sexiest people! ;]


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